Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr.Baby update

So the THIRD trimester is here alas, and I can't believe how quickly these past several weeks have flown by! Just sitting here today, I've been thinking about how I never really knew all that pregnant women go through. hahaha The other day I had the thought that I think the nausea during the 1st trimester and constant exhaustion, among other "changes" in a prego body takes place over 9 months to seriously prepare you for being a mommy. It somehow makes you tougher.

Lately, I've been feeling extremely huge. Like I can't bend over, roll over or stand up without making some kind of grunting sound. It's pretty humorous actually because every time I do something, Thehubs asks what's wrong...and I'm like "oh, nothing just the usual." He's probably getting tired of me by now.

I just wanted to document some of the lovely "milestones" I've gotten too here lately.

1. Some of my maternity shirts are now too short for my big that bad? lol
2. My back hurts 24/7, despite my chiropractor adjustments.
3. My hips and inner thighs feel like I've ran a marathon and pulled about 10 muscles.
4. Apparently the tingling/numbness in my right let is called Sciatica. It began at 26 weeks, 2 days and has progressed since then. It's almost a constant thing now.
5. My feet and hands began swelling this past weekend (at 27 weeks)
6. My energy level is still high, but I've seen a slight decrease since the sciatica began, and now swelling just makes me not want to stand at all.
7. kicks CONSTANTLY....which is a good thing, I just wish sometimes I could watch him in there. I stare at my belly often as if I can see what's going on.

I think that's about all as far as pregnancy symptoms and "milestones".

I went to the doctor last week, and passed the glucose test. YAY!! I have now officially gained a total of 9 lbs, but don't let that fool you, I lost several pounds in the 1st trimester, and it's ALL been gained in the belly!!

As far as the baby room goes-- it's STILL a guest/junk/computer room. But I'm thinking just a few phone calls (thrift store pickup & ATT to re-route the cable wires) and a few hours of cleaning out should finish the job.
Then we'll make the purchase of the crib!

Baby showers are quickly approaching. I have my 1st one on September 18th in Bham, and my "big" one on October 2nd in the big WC. We have registered at Buy Buy Baby, and plan to register at Walmart....I'm thinking we'll have to do that this week considering invitations for both showers will be going out very very soon!

No pic of the new baby-hump (no longer baby bump) now, but I'll try and take one later this week. =)

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