Thursday, June 9, 2011

still laughing

So I was looking on Craigslist today at yard sales in the area because I'm determined to find some good furniture and stuff for the baby!

While looking, I about died from laughing when I came across this ad from the lovely town of Nauvoo....only in Nauvoo.
I'll list it word-for-word considering they apparently don't care about listing their address AND phone number for the entire world to see!

Here goes:

We are having a yard sale this week end 9 to 11 344 2nd street Nauvoo Al 2056975023 next week will be Nauvoo car show we will be selling cake, fried pies, ice cream,and drinks so will you are at the car show come by and pick up some thing good to eat, or drink

So.....apparently the only punctuation they know is the comma.
Don't forget about the yard sale AND car show this "week end"!!! Oh, and while, I mean "will" you're at the car show (which of COURSE you're going too, right!?!?!) you will have to get "some thing good to eat, or drink" (no period....because what's a period anyways??)

Oh, I could go on and on about other things that make me laugh, but maybe that's enough for now.

Well, Happy Thursday!!

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Matt and Kristen said...

Hey! Let me know what furniture you are looking for to go in the nursery. We bought our bed new and bought the other 2 pieces off Craig's List. Matt just finished sanding and painting them to match the bed and they look great. We saved a TON of money. I am always buying stuff off Craig's List!