Monday, April 23, 2012

Our life in pictures

Just want to let y'all know we're still alive! :) life is very busy for me lately... Working full time and being a Mary Kay beauty consultant part time is tough. But worth it all in the end- bc it's all for a precious little boy and his wonderful daddy!
I'm sitting here now rocking the fellow and know my time is limited. Therefore, I'll share pics from the past few weeks.

First time eating Pears....he wasn't too excited about it them, but now he loves them! (Along with anything else we give him to eat!)

Yum Yum! He loves to eat his feet!

Cute little man Easter morning on our way to church.

My brother playing with his favorite (only) nephew. :) 

Daddy lovin'

Family photo! 

This is what I found when leaving him for 5 seconds....

The burp cloths WERE folded neatly in a stack, guessed it...I turned my back on him. =)

Playing with his new football... 

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