Tuesday, February 7, 2012

12 weeks!

I'll start by saying one thing I've learned over the past month since being back at work full time.

Being a working mom... Heck, being a mom in general means you don't get time to sleep as long as you want or go and do as you please. Both if those were regularly done prior to having a baby. But please don't get me wrong... I absolutely love every single minute of it. I never knew you could possibly function on such little sleep...

So what's happened over the past month? Well we went for our 2 month check up and Mr EJ is certainly a big boy!

At 2 months he was 25" long and 14 lb 15 oz!!
He was off the charts on height, and over the 95th percentile in his weight! DrB was very proud of both mommy and baby for the good growth. I'm still breast feeding exclusively and I'm so thankful that I've been able to do so. I've thought several times about giving up bc it's so stressful at times, but just when I think that I realize how much more stress it would be to constantly be washing bottles and mixing formula.

I hate washing the 1-2 bottles along with my pumping stuff everyday as if us so i can only imagine how much I'd hate it if we formula fed.

Today marks 12 weeks since the little fellow was born and time just keeps flying by.

*EJ is now trying to hold up his head on own. He no longer just flops it forward when you sit him up to burp. He thinks he has to see the world.

*He has just started squirming around more in his bed throughout the night. Still not rolling over or anything, but when I go to get him up he has maneuvered himself to be turned sideways and over on the right side if the crib. This made the angel monitor go off the other night and scared the mess out if me!

* EJ loves play time. Ever since he was born he has loved to just lay on the floor and kick his legs and play. That is still true today. Sometimes he'll even get fussy when being held and cuddled bc he just wants to be put down so he can play. He loves to play with his rattle, and has started reaching for things a little. For example, he now hold on to my arm during diaper changes, and he'll sometimes reach for the rattle too.

* We are in size 6 month clothes and some of his 6 month sleepers are getting too small. His little feet are shoved all the way to the edge and I know it can't be comfortable when he wants to stretch out. Looks like we'll be making the move to 6-9 and 9 month clothes very soon.

* Nap times are a chore. Since my work schedule us kinda random, he stays at home with either me, Thehuns, his mom or my cousin. With all that in the mix it's hard to have consistency.

*He wants to laugh so bad! I love tickling him and he'll give me ons giggle, but that's about it for now.

I guess I'll wrap this up instead of putting you all to sleep, but of course not before I leave you with lots of adorable pictures!

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Doe said...

so precious! been thinking about you guys a lot lately...thanks for the update! i need to visit you soon when you aren't super busy! if that will ever be the case...haha. love you! ps-you know if you ever need a sitter and no one else is available, i am free! remember, i have worked with babies a lot! :)